Nude secrets: stars, whose intimate pictures were stolen by hackers

Meanwhile in Hollywood, there was yet another scandal around leaked nude photos. Malicious hackers have stolen hundreds of photos from mobile phones of actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. Attackers stole footage from the “cloud” services of the stars and uploaded them to the Internet. The photos and videos appearing on the Internet are so frank that Hollywood beauties are sure to be ready to fall through the earth with shame at the thought that millions of users of the Internet are now enjoying them. Emma Watson’s lawyers have already stated that she is preparing to sue cybercriminals. The actress hopes that the intruders will be caught and punished. It is not the first time that mobile phones of stars have been hacked and personal nude photos been uploaded top the internet.

Emma Watson

The new hacker attack was clearly prepared considering the working schedule of the “Harry Potter” star. Intimate shots of Emma appeared on the web on the night of March 15, just on the eve of the loud premiere of her new movie. On March 17, the movie “Beauty and the Beast” was released, in which Watson played the main role. The actress is shocked, the producers are angry: the nude photos, that hackers shared with Internet users, do not match the image of Belle’s “white and fluffy” beauty. Most of the stolen content – pictures from the fitting room, made during Emma’s meeting with the stylist: the girl tries on swimsuits and open evening dresses. But there are more explicit scenes taken in the tub, in which Emma’s breasts are seen. Hackers also posted video to the Internet, shot in the bathroom – though, the faces of a naked girl who takes water procedures is not visible. Emma Watson says it’s not her.

Amanda Seyfried

The star of the films “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Mamma Mia” was less fortunate: her intimate photo sessions are much more explicit. Amanda has been happy for two years with her partner, Thomas Sadoski, moreover, now the actress is pregnant and is about to give birth. Immediately after the scandal with the upload of intimate photos it became known that just a few days ago Amanda and Thomas secretly married. It sure have become an unpleasant surprise for the newlyweds in their honeymoon. Moreover, in some pictures, Seyfried stands next to her former boyfriend, actor Justin Long. Thanks to hackers, fans now know that Amanda and Justin’s life together was filled with small adventures like intimate acts on a yacht or role-playing games in themed costumes. The actress poses topless in a changing room and completely naked – in the shower, with panties on her head.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer became one of the many stars who was a victim of a massive hacker attack in August 2014. Then, a network of cyber-crooks uploaded intimate photos of a dozen Hollywood stars, but it was Lawrence who suffered the most, since her photos were freely available. There were photos of Jennifer, in which she poses topless in different poses, naked selfie on the couch and in bed. Unlike other stars, Lawrence did not deny it and admitted that all the photos were genuine, and were stolen from her. Jennifer is sure: what happened could be described as a sexual crime. According to the star, the hardest after this story for her was to call her father and tell him about what had happened. “Luckily, Dad was playing golf and was in a good mood,” Lawrence joked.
“I do not have anything to ask for forgiveness.” For four years I was in good, healthy relationships, full of love. This relationship was at a distance, so your boyfriend either looks at porn or you, “the actress later told in an interview. “It’s not a scandal, it’s a sexual crime.” It’s disgusting. Every letter and statement that I wanted to write ended with the fact that I’m crying or angry. The fact that I’m a public figure and an actress does not mean that I asked to publish these photos. This is my body, and it should be my choice. The fact that this was done without my knowledge is absolutely disgusting.

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